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Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater, Devalued at County Grind Live - Green Room, Fort Lauderdale - July 21

Photos: County Grind Live With Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater, Devalued at Green Room

County Grind Live
Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater, Devalued
Visuals by Audio Junkie and Bleeding Palm
Radio-Active Records DJs
Green Room, Fort Lauderdale
Saturday, July 21

We've had a pretty solid reception to our live music nights at Fort Lauderdale's Green Room, and this Saturday night was no different. Though the style of music has changed yet again, the response was none-the-less enthusiastic, and friendly faces from the tricounty region came out to enjoy the sonic heft of some of South Florida's finest heavy acts.

Unfortunately, the men of Slashpine couldn't make it. Perhaps they were still nursing hangovers and sunburns from their meeting with our own Liz Tracy last week, or maybe the preshow goat sacrifice went awry and they were on ice at county. Either way, Devalued stepped in to handle the less-than-coveted opening slot of our little soiree, and it set things off with a bang.

As the screen above looped cartoon images of skull-headed dragons drifting through the ether (thanks to Audio Junkie and Bleeding Palm), Devalued let loose a chugging intro that ran headfirst into a D-beat rectified wall of screaming death. The band's mixture of grind and Sabbath worked like a peanut butter and 'naner sandwich and set the perfect tone for the evening.

As the crowd grew, Devalued's trails of guitar feedback streaked through Green Room like the flame left behind by a thrown Molotov cocktail. The band's screaming guitarist ripped a Jeff Hanneman-esque solo that sounded like what the flesh-eating bacteria that afflicts Hanneman (probably) feels like.

Following a vinyl intermezzo, hand-selected by DJ Mikey Ramirez and his internet-famous thumb, Shroud Eater took the stage to a properly lubricated crowd of beer-swilling metal fans. Shroud Eater's primordial sludge oozed free from the speakers and wall of amplifiers to the horrified delight of all within earshot. As the band's two ladies and man rambled through what I wish had been the soundtrack to the Jurassic Park movies, they appeared to almost immediately win over the audience. At the foot of the stage, a rowdy bunch shook their fists and banged their heads the entire time Shroud Eater played.

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