Hollywood Lovescene's Drum Kit Stolen

Some thieving thieves made off with an entire drum set Sunday evening in Lake Worth. The kit belongs to Hollywood Lovescene's Carlos "Chops" Rodriguez, and he's like it back before it disappears into some pawn purgatory.

Rodriguez's gear was stolen right out of his vehicle parked in his driveway. Consider this a warning to other area musicians -- lock up your equipment tight! Get the details below and keep an eye out for Chops' kit. 

Here's the stolen merch:
From Facebook:

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Carlos Rodriguez aka "Chops" drummer from Hollywood Lovescene had his entire drum kit stolen out of his vehicle parked in his driveway last night (Oct 16th, 2011) in Lake Worth. A police report has been filed. Please have a look at this photo and keep your eyes open for this kit.


• 4-piece Ludwid kit in candy apple red, Epic Series

• 4 Zildjian Cymbals (2 crash)

• Iron Cobra double kick

• 1 high hat stand

• 1 ride stand

• Pdp hardware

• Black road bags

PLEASE repost this, get the word out, and let's try to help Chops get his kit back! Check pawn shops, online ads, anything you can think of to help. If you hear anything or need more info, call or text Carlos ("Chops") 561-255-9793


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