Hollywood to Let Live-Music Venues Stay Open Later; Demand for Musicians Likely to Rise

Are you a desperate musician looking for a gig for your obscure band? Look no further than downtown Hollywood, where proposed city laws are likely to send restaurant and bar owners scurrying to fill live-music slots.

Mayor Peter Bober has decided that he wants to make downtown a music destination. "If you have live musicians playing, which helps my initiative move forward, we're going to allow you to stay open a little bit later," Bober told the Sun-Sentinel.

The incentive? Places that offer at least three hours of live music will be able to stay open later -- until 4 a.m.

That means that venues looking to extend their late-night hours and capitalize on the intense parade of drunken weirdos that seeps out of the cracks after dark in Hollywood will probably be booking more musical acts.

If all goes well, downtown Hollywood could become South Florida's Frenchmen Street, a walkable, bustling neighborhood with salty licks and sweet grooves wafting from every storefront.

If it doesn't, you could see a lot of funny bookings as places struggle to keep their required three hours a night.

Commissioners are considering reducing licensing fees to a couple of hundred bucks for venues that offer music, as well. Currently fees are in the thousands of dollars. They also might strip away the requirement for venues to serve food, which could mean there's nothing to soak up the late-night alcohol binging but the tortured sound of your one-man Dobro-ukulele ensemble.

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