Your teeth just stopped chattering from the bass like 20 minutes ago, and every time you turn your head, you still hear vestiges of screeching synths. But that doesn't mean you're thrilled WMC and Ultra just ended. 

Holy Ship!!! Announces 2014 Dates

EDM-heads will not stop pulsing with beats for any sort of practical reason. Work? Sleep? Childbirth? None of these compete with the music. Both Ultra and Holy Ship!!! are going to give these ravers what they want. Both announced their 2014 dates. We now we know when the electronic cruise is leaving the harbor. 

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The cruise will set sail on January 9, returning on the 12th. You'll be rolling over the waves on the new MSC Divina, named in honor of Sophia Loren (hubba, hubba), setting sail from Miami. The description of the boat makes it seem like you'll be riding Sophia Loren herself! 

The press release calls it elegant and glamorous, a "floating EDM utopia."
From MSC Divina's Broadway-size theatre and real stone piazza, to the sweeping grace of her Swarovski crystal staircases and expansive pool deck, balanced by the calm of her infinity pool and Aurea Spa wellness centre, this truly is an intimate electronic music lover's paradise. 

Watch this borderline hilarious video showcasing the ship, which looks nice. But we gotta ask, an infinity pool on the top deck of a cruise ship? It's like 10 nightmares in one. 

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