Honor Roll Music - Making The Music Business Make Dollars and Sense

You may have heard about Honor Roll Music in a recent New York Times article highlighting Miami's indie music culture, but probably not, Newspapers are stupid. They keep homeless people warm, cats shit on them all the time, they want you to read all about it, you're probably not even reading this at all, you just like scrolling the page and watching the shapes of the letters don't you, you filthy scroller.

Honor Roll Music understands this and while the big record labels are crying about the internet, these guys are harnessing its power. I recently spoke to Read Fasse, co-founder/owner of Honor Roll Music and he had a lot of interesting shit to say.

"We're getting ready to release the ANR album, sometime in mid-April.

It's going to be a digital release and also physical as well. They just played a gig at UM

opening for Umphrey's McGee and they're doing a weekly gig every Thursday night at the

Delano, it's called Honor Roll Thursdays, its like a live music event that

we do on South Beach which is kind of a rarity. ANR is our label's flagship band and they're gonna do an East Coast tour.

We have a digital deal through In Grooves, they kind of

conquered the mobile market. They cover all the bases as far as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and you can download ringtones and all that nonsense.

The CDs are promotion, just to get the word out, kind of a low budget cardboard case, mixtape type deal, to be able to sell on the road and get the product in people's hands.

The album is a three-part series based on Star Wars (in the way we're releasing it in three parts), just something to

kind of get people interested. It's all in the can, recorded already, we're just releasing

it in spurts just to try and draw attention.

It's kind of packaged in a way that the just sets the tone for everything, thematically it's lightly based on Star Wars but if I didn't tell you that you would never know by listening to it. It doesn't like sync up if you watch the movie with it or anything.

The other tier of our business is "placed music." We've done placements for CSI: Miami, we do a lot for Entourage, credit card companies, you can see it all on our website.That's the best part of our business, we have the ability to place our bands. It's definitely gonna be heard. How much per placements can range from the low thousands to $50,000. It's very different based

on the usage. We don't turn much down cause these days its good to make your

money back, most everything is a license deal, so were not selling the farm.

Lately, we been doing commercial scoring for TV, and we're talking about doing the next Cocaine Cowboys movie, we started doing a party about every six weeks in

the Grove. It's at an actual house, the next ones gonna be April 4. It's a BBQ event for people to come and hear new bands in Miami. It's kind of a more casual atmosphere, not a bar or club. Just a good time on a giant lawn right on Bayshore so you can see the ocean in front of you, its pretty cool."

Want to know more about Honor Roll Music? Click here for their website.

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Jacob Katel