"Hot Dog Rock" Is the Ultimate Fourth of July Barbecue Song

There's nothing more American than processed food, processed music, and processed schtick. Rebecca Black understands it, Soulja Boy understands it, Ms. Peachez understands it, and the millions of people who listen to their processed songs understand it too. Before today, many folks didn't realize that McSAPRR (an anagram for Matt Chertkoff Sings and Plays Rock & Roll, of course) is rapidly merging into the lane alongside these master songcrafters with "Hot Dog Rock," a barbecue melody that literally anyone who has rudimentary electric keyboard skills can play -- but Chertkoff can take all the credit for.

"With two dollars in your hand/It is time, time for a plan/'Cause you're poor and hungry/And you know that hot dogs are better than pizza." Poetry.

And this is to say nothing of the green-screen special filled with go-go dancers, break dancers, a Lady Gaga look-alike, and, naturally, lots of beefy costumes. With Chertkoff scraping the lower end of his vocal range, the experience is like Grey Poupon for your eyes and ears.    

Bonus: We like "Hot Dog Rock" so much that we choose it as the ultimate Fourth of July song over "The July 4th Song," which has a video that looks like it was filmed with the same cast and crew as "Hot Dog Rock."


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Reed Fischer
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