How to Fix Lady Gaga's Tumblr

If you have a 9 to 5 job, you know Tumblr is where you go to get the most for your time-wasting buck. You just sit there and scroll down until you see a photo of cats with lasers or an animated .gif of Bill Cosby, just Cozzin' around. We are sad to say that Lady Gaga's Tumblr provides none of that slothful fix that we crave from the web.

Gaga's microblog is sleek and nice to look at. She's got little shoutouts to the monsters and photos and whatever else... I don't care. This page can be scrolled in, like, four seconds. You know what? We'll do a quick-and-dirty Microsoft Paint job on her Tumblr and give it a teeny bit more time-wasting flair. You up for this? Just get there after the jump.

Add some felines to her artsy fashion shots:

​Look how easy that was! And now the page is 800% more entertaining. Oh cats.

Next, play up the considerable "Bitch" angle:
Giving bitches something, because bitches love something, is a classic Tumblr meme. Look how fun this Snoop one is:

You no like? Well the final step is obvious:

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