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Howling Winds Premier New Tunes at Cans & Bands II Tonight

For the second year in a row, Lavola frontman and mastermind Julian Cires has teamed up with the Palm Beach County Food Bank and the local music community to create a night of rock 'n' roll philanthropy.

Cans & Bands II, held tonight at Propaganda, will feature four premium local acts that can be enjoyed all for the low price of $5 or three canned goods. All proceeds raised will go the PBC Food Bank, which has the daunting task of collecting and distributing food to agencies from Taquesta to Boca Raton and as far west a Pahokee to feed the hungry and homeless.

"I wanted to put my efforts behind something directly proactive and beneficial to my hometown," the affable Cires told New Times recently. Cires tells us last year's even was a modest success, collecting more than 223 pounds of canned food and more than $288 worth of donations, and he is expecting fans to come with even more of a charitable intent this year.

To do so, Cires has culled a a stellar lineup for the second iteration of Cans & Bands. Not only will his highly lauded troupe Lavola be headlining but he's brought on three other topnotch acts to enliven the evening. Completing the bill are the arrgo-folk sounds of the Howling Winds, the tripped-out experimental electro rock of the Astrea Corporation, and the bombastic catharsis of West Palm beach posthardcore rockers the Thieving Hand.

Howling Winds lead vocalist Jorge Rocha tells us it will be a particularly special evening for his four-piece. Coming back from a bit of a hiatus, the Howling Winds boys will be premiering new material from a forthcoming album in the works. Rocha says his band has shifted its sound some. "Like every band that has been together for a while, we have matured and morphed into something new."

Rocha had a hard time nailing down the new style, stating it is "unlike anything he's heard around town." He does assure us that gone are the folk leanings of the former Howling Winds tunes, left behind for a more "energetic sound, wrapped up in emotion." The new noise will encourage stage divers and crowd surfing. Sounds promising so far.

Rocha welcomed a chance to perform alongside Lavola again, an act he has played with countless times and genuinely admires. "When Julian asked us to perform, it seemed like such a worthwhile cause, how could I say no?"

Lavola with Howling Winds, the Astrea Corporation, and the Thieving Hand, tonight at 8 at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Five bucks or three cans to get in. Visit Facebook.

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