Huma Rojo This Thursday at Transit

​Let's face it, girls that can truly shred onstage are one of those things that just kicks ass. Just take Joan Jett, Go-Go's and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth). Not for any chauvinistic reason--we are an equal opportunity rock fan. Just because, even today, you simply don't see it enough in the male-dominated, oft-testosterone-driven world of Earth-rattling drums, screeching guitars and thundering bass lines. Doing their part for the greater good of loud, aggressive rock, local band Huma Rojo.

Damaris Vicke (bass, lead vocals), Javier Guell (guitar, backing vocals), Daniella Bertoldi (keys, backing vocals) and Jonothan Colorado (drums) came together just a few short years ago, and snatched their name from a character in a Pedro Almodovar flick, titled Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother). Still working on their debut album, the band continues to gig their way around the city, offering fans experimental, dramatic and at times theatrical sounding, rock ranging from punk to alt to straight-up rock. Simply put, they have one hell of a polished  sound, and a style all their own. Just check out this vid.

Catch Huma Rojo this Thursday, December 17 at Transit Lounge. No cover.

Huma Rojo - My submerge face

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Christopher Lopez