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Human Fluid Rot's Family Asks Him to "Turn It Down a Little"

Human Fluid Rot, the cochlea-mutilating harsh sound avatar Robert Wilson Brantley III, is a case study in the myriad conditions, settings, and aesthetic decisions that have come to epitomize the classic power electronics school of anti-music.

For example: high-contrast, morbid black-and-white imagery; a predilection for bodily functions, deviant sexuality and fascism; the total teleological misuse of guitar pedals; and the deep, profane roaring wall of unfiltered noise.

As we approach the 10th edition of the annual freak summit known as the International Noise Conference, County Grind thought it would behoove us to check in with one of Broward-Palm Beach's harshest delegates.

New Times: What is your area code, what is your zip code, how do you relate to these numbers. Are these the same numbers that have (or have not) defined you since birth?

Robert Wilson Brantley III: 954 and 33064. I've lived in Pompano Beach my whole life and now own a house here. Pompano is where I belong. I love this middle class wasteland. 305 was my original area code. Contrary to popular belief, Miami didn't always have the 305. That was Broward's for quite some time. In my eyes, when you rep the 305, you rep my hood. But ignorance is bliss I suppose.

What (if anything) does numerology have to do with noise?

Science doesn't recognize numerology... I can't really relate it to noise.

What (if anything) does Human Fluid Rot have to do with noise?

Human Fluid Rot is just a speck in the world of what noise may or may not be.

Which elderly member of your family came up with your band's name?

I don't even think my family knows I do noise. If they did, it would explain why they've looked at me in a different light the past seven plus years. "Human Fluid Rot" is just three words that go together badly which I use to title a thing I like to do.

Are you a band? You don't have to explain why or why not, but you are required to answer in a complete sentence.

No. I don't see HFR as a band. I always pictured a band as more than one person. I guess I'm more closely related to the "solo artist" label if you were to file it in any way, but to be honest I'm not even sure if that's correct.

How many distortion pedals did you own before HFR? How many after?

I own a few more, but I utilize them in a different way. I don't even use them to play guitar anymore. Haven't for quite a while. I leave that to pre-amps!

You also play in the metal band, Karass. Do you only listen to/play extreme music?

I appreciate that you refer to Karass as extreme. That's what we go for.

Being open minded about music is really important to me. I listen to everything. Due to my skill level and patience, it's to my misfortune that I'm only able to create "extreme" forms of music. I also play drums in a doom band called Munggod, and sing in a punk band called Between Enemies.

Have you had any notable familial responses to your music?

They've always asked me to "turn it down a little."

Does Human Fluid Rot play music?

I'm just expressing myself.

International Noise Conference 2013. Presented by Rat Bastard. Wednesday, February 6, through Saturday, February 9. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. Visit

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