Humbert's Ferny Coipel to Debut a New Play This Friday at the Shack North

​That Radioboxer and Humbert are playing a Valentine's-themed show this Friday at the Shack North in Hialeah is not, in itself, huge news. The former has played plenty of warehouse gigs in the City of Progress, and the latter are the town's patron saints (and owners of the place). What is news about the event: Not only has Humbert frontman Ferny not let his serious scooter accident last year slow him down, he's expanded his creative reach. 

Friday marks the premiere of a new play he's written called Dick and Jane: Before We Fell in Love, a Friend Story. While it's unclear if it's a musical, per se, with characters breaking into song, Ferny did score the work, and cast as actors members from local groups like Only Right Left and the otherwise sadly dormant Waterford Landing

To round everything out, there will also be visual art from John Baez, Karen Keesler, Holly Anne, Cristy Alma, Molly Bo, and Ariel Almeda. Someone's gotta keep culture alive in that 'hood! To add to organizer Tony Landa's overall good karma, the event is all-ages, and though there's no cover, he's collecting donations for Manos International and various Haitian relief organizations. 

Humbert, with Radioboxer and other friends. Friday, February 12. The Shack North Annex, 9811 NW 80th Ave., Hialeah. Show starts at 9 p.m. and goes "until it ends." 305-610-4299;

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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo