Hunter Moore of Is Anyone Up?: I Have a Girlfriend

New Year's Eve in South Florida will never be the same after Hunter Moore, founder of the revenge porn site Is Anyone Up?, unleashes on us to welcome in 2012. He and his pal Carlos Jacome are hosting a bash at the Speakeasy Lounge in Lake Worth that is the latest in a series of dubstep-injected nights of debauchery held around the country over the past year.

"I just have to get really drunk, and then I can get people to dance," he (apparently drunkenly) told New Times in this week's issue. "Other times, it's just a bunch of people already naked, and it's insane." For many locals, this sounds like a pretty standard Tuesday evening, but we're willing to bet that a secret bunch of freaks and voyeurs who follow the seedy, NSFW business on his popular site will emerge. One person who will reportedly not be there, however, is Moore's girlfriend of three years. Yes, in an exchange we didn't have room for in the interview we ran in print, we discover that there is a woman out there who has endured his numerous trysts, boasts, and overall profiting on creeping on females. More on her below. 

County Grind: Are you in this line of work for the money or the hooking up?

Hunter Moore: They go hand in hand, dude. They wouldn't be anything without the other one. Or without the money. Now, money gives you more options. I can buy cooler clothes, get cooler girls, go to cooler places, do cooler things. I love them both without a doubt. But I have a girlfriend, so whatever.

Uh, how does that work?

I don't know, it just does.

Is there anything she doesn't know about your life?

No, everything's on the internet. She doesn't give a fuck. Chick is awesome. Plus she likes all the attention she gets. Whenever I make a new Facebook, I can make her my girlfriend on there. Plus people can hate on her, and she loves talking shit to people. It's kind of a hobby for her.

Did you know her before you did the site?

I've been with her for like three years. It's been a while.

Do you live together?

No. Fuck no. Crazy, dude. No way, dude.

Does she go to the parties with you?

No. She's overly hipster, so she's with a whole different crowd. I make fun of her every day.

Is Anyone Up? New Year's Celebration Party, with Hunter Moore and

SLDGHMR. 8 p.m. Saturday, December 31, at the Speakeasy Lounge, 129 N.

Federal Highway, Lake Worth. Tickets cost $15 for 18 to 20; $10 for 21

and up. Call 561-791-6242. Click here.

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