Hydra Head Records Closes: Our Favorite Tracks Released by the Label

The record industry is a fickle, miserable one. We'd cite Hunter S. Thompson's famous ramblings about thieves and pimps, but you've heard it. And you know it's the truth. Now, perhaps more than ever -- in an era when the airwaves are positively choked with disposable, aurally accosting drivel "produced" solely to keep L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell's bathrooms stocked with $100 bills and coke, the "record industry" (as it was) is a limping horse begging for a bullet.

The bright side here is that the independent record label has managed to (somewhat) survive and adapt over the years. So when word broke this week that Hyrda Head Records, the label founded by Isis figurehead Aaron Turner in 1995, was hanging it up, the shockwave felt was undeniable. 

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David Von Bader