Ice Cream Releases New EP Safe and Happy From NYC

Just before the new year, the guys in psych outfit Ice Cream packed their gear and boarded jet planes for New York City. They had just released their first EP, Good, and, having grown a bit too big for their Miami britches, these five guys sadly parted with South Florida. Well, they were psyched; we were sad. 

Guitarist Tomas Kennedy spoke with us about the move in December, announcing plans to put out a 20-song album sometime after March. Just yesterday, the EP Safe and Happy popped up on the web, a four-track teaser that Kennedy says is "just a preview of outtakes for our second LP." He continues: "We recorded it in Miami and put the final touches on it here" -- "here" being NYC, where, presumably, they're feeling safe and happy. 

"It's been fun," Kennedy says of their time in the Big Apple. "The guys were living in an abandoned building for a little, but we cleaned up our act and got our own place." He laughs, "Finally paying rent." A move is never easy, but Kennedy says that with a couple of them in relationships, they have "strength in numbers."

They're working on adding another 13 songs to these four and releasing a 12-inch this fall. But until then, taste that Ice Cream here. It doesn't even need sprinkles or fudge. It's just scrumptious all on its own. 

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