In Print: Broken Social Scene, Lavola's EP Release, and More

No one's going to literally force Forgiveness Rock Record down your throat, but just imagine Broken Social Scene's latest ebullient album throwing the biggest party ever in your body cavity. Maalox moment? Maybe a safer bet is just to experience the band at Revolution on Saturday and let it all soak in through your pores.

Arielle Castillo and BSS' Brendan Canning got to talking recently for our main music feature, and it's hard not to feel the familial warmth emanating from her primer on their continued growth as an outfit with a reported 25 participants who have filtered in and out.

For a trio that spills out passion on a similar level, look no further than the local sculpted rock crunch of Lavola. Alex Rendon caught up with the venerable guys, and Friday's celebration of a new EP release at Propaganda could be a sweaty, furious affair.

Further guidance on the week ahead: Flogging Molly at Fillmore, Pink Floyd Experience at Parker Playhouse, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers at Revolution, Salt-N-Pepa at Knight Center, Indigo Girls at Culture Room, and the Rib Round-Up at Cruzan.

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