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In Print: Carlos Charlie Perez's Top 5 Music Videos

Music video director and South Florida native Carlos Charlie Perez welcomed County Grind into his New York workspace in September for the filming of Los Angeles synth artist Glasser's "Mirrorage" video. The results color a profile of Perez featured in this week's music section. This represents his 15th project -- following shoots with Vampire Weekend, Fang Island, Evan Voytas, and several others -- and his livelihood today. Not bad for a guy who had never experienced any aspect of the music video business prior to three years ago.

In addition to the access he provided to his actual work, Perez gave us a list of his favorite music videos. Get that ear-to-ear grin while viewing five of them below.

Paul Simon - "You Can Call Me Al"

This clip featuring Chevy Chase is a reminder of Paul Simon's comic acting abilities (also displayed in Woody Allen's Annie Hall). Proof that captivating personalities and a few prop gags is all a good video really needs.

Fatlip - "What's Up Fatlip?"

The Pharcyde rapper, who participated in the groundbreaking, ass-backwards-cause-we-can "Drop" video directed by Spike Jonze, hooks back up with the director for this clip for his 2000 single. Again eschewing the typical rap video tropes featuring excess and bravado, we see Fatlip in a series of rather pathetic situations that turn out to be funny in a way our reality TV culture has now almost completely obliterated.

George Harrison - "I Got My Mind Set On You"

All Carlos wrote for this one was "I Want Money," and I assume he wasn't talking about this Beatles classic. Making the leap to this infectious 1987 single, there are two clips to choose from: An initial video featuring a boy trying to win a young lady's affection in a penny arcade that might play to Perez's love of musicals, and the one above. Who wouldn't have a little self-satisfied grin if their study was filled with dancing furniture? 

Daft Punk - "Around the World"

The magnificent Michel Gondry (Björk, Radiohead, Beck, Kylie Minogue) arguably defined Daft Punk's quirky, mysterious allure with this video for "Around the World." Just as memorable as the music itself.

Stranger Than Paradise trailer featuring "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Ok, so technically not a music video, but still a great pairing of music and visuals from Jim Jarmusch's classic deadpan comedy. Perez's favorite films also include Jacques Tati's Play Time, Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, and Jonze's Adaptation.

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