In Print: Dashboard Confessional and Dancegiving!

Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba is generous with his words. Not only did Christine Borges get enough for this week's big print feature with the man, she spilled the rest into a funny bonus Q&A over here. He loves the Jameses!

Anyhow, the big news here is that The Swiss Army Romance, his inaugural release under the Dashboard handle is now ten years old, and there's a concert at Revolution to commemorate it on Saturday.

What prompted the limited-edition boxed set reissue of The Swiss Army Romance?

Someone presented me with the idea of how to do it -- making it look

like it was a Swiss Army knife, where each blade came out with a record

in it. Before seeing that, I really had no intention of releasing

anything to commemorate the ten-year anniversary. But that just seemed

like such an unusual thing, and I kind of wanted one [laughs]. So I figured if I'm gonna make one for me, I might as well make a few.

To say nothing of the cutting, emotional content within!

Don't forget to dance. And to dance to Miami's Amtrac at Friday's Dancegiving event. Scott Oranburg introduces this phenom to the rest of us.

Plus, Waka Flocka Flame at Club Cinema, Blockhead at Respectable Street, Mayday Parade at Revolution, Hey Monday at Culture Room, Ettes at Respectable Street, and the Trash to Treasure extravaganza featuring a load of local talent. 

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