You look this hot when you go to the Monterey Club too.
You look this hot when you go to the Monterey Club too.
Photo by Michael McElroy

In Print: Monterey Club Is 1 Year Old

This weekend marks a serious milestone for one of the few local establishments that has earned more than its share of credibility in the local music scene. Fort Lauderdale's Monterey Club has kept the unisex bathroom, the bounteous beer selection, the wry humor, and the impressive flow of live music going for a calendar year now. In this week's main feature, New Times' Mickie Centrone breaks down how this actually happened by speaking to the tight family of locals toiling away. On Saturday night, everyone gets to celebrate this important birthday with music from Everymen, the Howling Winds, and Between Enemies.

Ensuring that the venue gets more attention than, say, Tyler Thigpen this weekend is another killer event on Friday.

David J of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets fame is doing Fort Lauderdale a solid with an intimate in-store at Radio-Active Records and then a DJ set at Monterey later that evening. In one of the most intense double bylines the New Times has ever entertained, Arielle Castillo serves up and Radio-Active's Mikey Ramirez ices an interview with Mr. J himself. Read it here.

As for the concerts of the week, peep Iron & Wine at Fillmore Miami, Mickey Avalon at Feelgoods, Reverend Raven at B.B. King's, Iration at Culture Room, Diana Ross at Hard Rock Live, and Nile at Culture Room.


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