In Print: Rick Ross, Jimmy Eat World, and More

In Print: Rick Ross, Jimmy Eat World, and More

For all of the bickering that goes on in South Florida, a lot of local musicians unwittingly say the same things as many of their contemporaries. Regardless of the style of music a person plays, for example, a prevailing theme in conversation is, "We're not all like Rick Ross down here." Now, this depends.

Are they saying that they aren't intentionally deceiving their audiences with overblown tales of lavish fortune? Is it that no one else could snag a job at a correctional facility? Or is it strictly a comment on his physique? Regardless, we have to believe that some folks will want to be Rick Ross after reading Ben Westhoff's fascinating and funny analysis of the rapper's rise to prominence in the hip-hop community over the past couple of years.

We also have Arielle Castillo's interview with Jimmy Eat World, which comes ahead of the band's headlining show at Revolution. Not likely that the World will come crashing down, but there is a level of uncertainty about their future.

Upcoming music events include Yann Tiersen at the Fillmore, Your Umbrella at Respectable Street, Beethoven slowed down to 24 hours at 18 Rabbit Gallery, Yonder Mountain String Band at Revolution, and World Is Mine fest at Revolution.

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