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In Print: The Heavy Pets & the Dirty Dozen

On this second to last day of December, there are plenty of reasons to cling onto the last scraps of 2010. After all, this was the year of County Grind's birth -- as well as Celine Dion's twins. However, there's a seedier side of this idyllic paradise we call home. Dare we say dirtier?

Anyhow, frequent CG contributor Michael J. Mooney (we are pretty sure the J stands for Justice) decided to stick a fork into 12 locals who would probably rip a microphone out of Taylor Swift's deserving hands without even a promise of letting her finish. Yes, they're that slimy, folks. "The Dirty Dozen: 2010's Most Despicable People" is probably not something you should read before bed if you're prone to nightmares about monkey torture or pocket-lining politicians. But this story should make you sleep better knowing that as scummy as you might be, these 12 individuals are far worse.

In the music section, though, there's nothing unseemly going on. Fort Lauderdale's jam vets the Heavy Pets submitted to Travis Newbill's questioning about where things stand as the year comes to an end. As it turns out, things are looking a-ok for THP.

So you're headed back down here soon. Are you excited for the New Year's Eve show? Any big plans for it?

Yeah, I think we're gonna be busting out a bunch of new tunes. And playing the Culture Room is always awesome. That place is home. And the energy on New Year's Eve is always phenomenal. Everybody is there to party, which is fantastic. But then there is the very real fact that another year is ending and another one is beginning. This year, I think we really get the opportunity to do a crushing New Year's show and really focus on what's ahead of us.

There are some other solid options for the coming week. Usher at American Airlines Arena, Respectable Street's New Year's Block Party, Borgore at Revolution, the Beach Boys at Hard Rock Live, Protoman at Propaganda, Dead Kennedys at Revolution, and Scaring the Children at Revolution.

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