Let's have a gay old time.
Let's have a gay old time.

In Print: Tokyo Police Club, NOFX, Gaybies, & More

Before we get to the music section, let's take a spin through this week's feature, penned by Leslie Minora. It's about a gay couple who traveled to Panama at considerable expense to adopt a couple of adorable babies, and proves to be a fascinating read about a process necessitated by Florida's current law requiring legal marriage for surrogacy.

Onto the music portion, Christine Borges catches up with the Tokyo Police Club ahead of its Culture Room gig, and the guys apparently getting into the lucrative business of magazine publishing.

Also, Jose Flores picks NOFX frontman Fat Mike's brain, and the dude is living really well in Las Vegas now. Catch them at Revolution on Friday, and we'll have some outtakes from the interview tomorrow.

In other notable concerts for the coming week: Roscoe Dash and Wale at Club Cinema, Hear Hums at Little Munich, Musab (Sab the Artist) at Propaganda, Daymoths at Little Munich, Robin Trower at Culture Room, and Little Dragon at Grand Central.

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