In the Studio With Stonefox, and MP3 of the Day

Stonefox frontman Jordan signs into a vintage Teisco mike.
Yes, I just blogged about excellent Boca-based trio (sometimes quartet) Stonefox. Well, these guys are playing some of the best rock and roll to come out of Palm Beach County (!) in a long time. Also, I'm working up a feature about them for the Broward - Palm Beach New Times, which will run before the band's July 30 CD release party at Propaganda.

Stonefox invited me last week to their home studio on a very quiet street in Boca, where they recorded a large chunk of their upcoming second album, Back on the Wire. That album has been done for a while, but they've currently quarantined themselves there again, writing new songs, playing Velvet Underground covers, and cooking steaks every night until the Boca police apologetically arrive to shut them down.

These guys are avowed gear nuts, so I snapped a few pictures of their set up -- um, before my camera ran out of batteries. Here's what I've got so far. If pedals, amps, and vintage guitars are your thing, check back soon; I'll be posting more photos of the whole thing. Follow the jump for a few snaps and an MP3.

Jordan, on the microphone in that first picture: "It's a vintage Teisco DM-304. It was a Japanese knockoff brand in the '60s. I got it for $18 on eBay, which I'm really happy about."

Stonefox's drummer Jeff on his kit, pictured below: "It's a Pearl export series kit, with vintage Zildjian cymbals. They're not the greatest drums, but everywhere I go, people say I get really good sound from them! I got these in about 2000; it was my first real drum set. It's going to be really weird to get another one."


The band's bassist, Ross, lives in Atlanta, so live in South Florida, Stonefox plays without a bassist. Instead, Jordan and bandmate Dave both play guitar, and they run Dave's guitar through a bass amp. Here are their pedal boards -- Jordan's is on top, Dave's is on the bottom. Lots of Boss -- including that big, red, double-pedal loop station -- with a few boutique items as well.



More pictures coming soon. Meanwhile, here's a free MP3 so you can hear what all this stuff produced. The song is called "Smoke and Mirrors," and it's the second track off Back on the Wire. Click the link to listen.

Stonefox is also playing Swampgrass Willy's in Palm Beach Gardens this Saturday; full details of the show are below.

Stonefox - "Smoke and Mirrors"

Stonefox. With Monty Warren. Saturday, July 4. Swampgrass Willy's, 9910 Alt. A1A, Palm Beach Gardens. Show starts at 10 p.m., tickets cost $5. Ages 21+ with ID. 561-625-1555;

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Arielle Castillo
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