Indie Powerhouse Modernage Releases Single "The Williams" in Anticipation of New Effort

It was ten years ago this past June that Modernage first performed live in front of a South Florida audience. While the decade has not cemented the band into the annals of history or offered them riches and glory, their impact on the local rock and roll scene is undeniable. At a time when Interpol's Turn on the Bright Lights was again sparking an interest in the post-punk/non-pretentious New Wave movement, Modernage was quietly developing a distinct sound culled from the members' purely South Florida backgrounds.

Peruvian, American, and Cuban sensibilities gelled together under a mutual love of the Smiths and synth/melody driven rock. Through this decade of making music and fans, even overcoming temporary breakups, they endure. Singer Mario Giancarlo notes: "We like to think we helped define Miami indie rock music and the tours and traveling and shows helped us proudly represent this city."

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Co-written with Xavier Vazquez, their new single "The Williams" is an opening salvo from a band that continues to do as it loves. It is an easily recognizable tune from the outfit but one that betrays maturity and higher attention to detail. This is not nostalgia, this is just a bunch of guys who have been at it for a long time and are still having a good time without sacrificing their souls.

A levelheaded Giancarlo states, "Now we are older, somewhat wiser, and glad to have been able to contribute to the ever-growing South Florida music scene."

This single is available for download on their Soundcloud page and is a refreshing and promising statement of what this band has coming; whether it is furthering the impact of the local musical profile or their own.

Listen to the new single here.

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