Indie's Cutest Couple Matt & Kim at the Culture Room October 14

Whether Brooklyn knew it or not, the New York borough became a happier place the instant Matt & Kim began creating pixi stix-fueled keyboard pop anthems a few years back. Since then, the adorable couple has performed a load of high-energy shows that feature adorable banter between the real-life couple. Both their self-titled debut and last year's Grand are loaded with mixtape-worthy anthems of youthful defiance, and fill out any "happy music" enthusiast's collection. Can we work another "adorable" in there? Why not.

The Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale will be the giddiest place in South Florida on October 14 when Matt & Kim swing by. A new album is slated for release this fall as well, so expect some fresher than fresh material during this visit. Judging by their "Lessons Learned" video, there's always a chance that the place will also be the nakedest place around. See below.

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