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Inside the Rapper's Studio: Pryslezz

Hip Hop groupies, and those thirsty for something new in the rap category, add another import to your list of MC's to watch. Youngstown, Ohio native Pryslezz (read: Priceless) is making music in our lil' city. He recently finished his debut album, "Rebirth of a King" and Crossfade sat down with him and asked some Q's, Lipton-style.

What is your favorite word to use in a rhyme?
I don't have a "favorite", but I do use "I" a lot because I'm talking about myself and different things I've been through.

What is your least favorite word or one you refuse to rap?
I really don't like to say "bitch " in my rhymes too much. One time on my album I say it -on a song called "Way Back" with Raheem DeVaughn. I'm talking about how this girl was down for me and it's like, occasionally she was a bitch for the thug in me. And when I'm a nice guy, she was the nice girl for my nice guy.

What kind of music turns you on?

Real, genuine hip-hop music.

What kind of music turns you off?
There's some garbage out right now! Hahaha! How do I explain this kind of I can't even explain it but I hear it all the time. They play it all the time and I cant stand it! cant think of it I can't even tell you what it is is. I don't even k now if it has a genre - it's just genre. It some good stuff on the radio but for the most part its garbage.

What sound do you love?

The atmosphere. I like when I step outside of my balcony - I'm on my

balcony right now - I like stepping out on my balcony, and I feel like

I'm a lone but I still hear the streets. I hear what's going on, I like


What sound do you hate?

I hate to hear somebody cry.

What is your favorite curse word to use in a rhyme?

HAHAHAAAA! Awww man I don't know, I don't know! I got a couple of them

but I don't necessarily say them. I like when certain people say them.

I like when Sam Jackson says "mother fucker," I can't get enough of


Which other rappers' flow would you want to have?

I still think that right now, I think Jay is still killing the game

right now, hands down he's still killing the game. I like Young Dro

too. I don't know if I want to switch with him over Jay but for a

unique type of flow I like Dro - his flow is different.

Whose flow would you never want to emulate?

That might be somebody outta that Soulja Boy camp or something. I cant

-- that's not me. But every once in a while I hear that song "Turn My

Swag On" and I turn it all the way up. And one time I was missing

someone and I had to send 'em the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" joint 'cause

Sammie killed the hook.

If a Worldwide Lifetime Achievement Award exists for MC's, what

would you like to hear the presenter say when he's extolling your

musical virtues?

That no matter how much people tried [to do it], that I couldn't be boxed in.

Hear more from Pryslezz at, follow him stalker-style on Twitter, watch vids here, or buy "Rebirth of a King" from iTunes.


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