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International EDM DJ Sharam on Drum and Bass Producers and New Album Night and Day - Gryphon Nightclub on May 27

It's not everyday that an Iranian-born DJ with roots in house music comes to the Sunshine State, but Sharam -- who fits this description -- will be spinning all sorts of dance music for South Florida electro-heads this Sunday. One part of the electronic duo Deep Dish, Sharam has created his share of remixes and a few compilations, and spends most of his time bringing sonic joy to those in clubs around the world.

His newest endeavor Night and Day, set to be released at the end of June. He says, "It's an extension of what I do as a DJ, what I do as a producer, and as a music lover. I'm into all kinds of music." Through beats, the album looks at two sides of Sharam and two kinds of parties at which he works. "Day parties have become very popular. It's different from a night party. I wanted to represent both things," he says. The DJ enjoys both parties equally. "I've been doing this for a long time. I'm a music lover. I love all kinds of dance music," he says. Sharam gets bored with music quickly, just as he becomes inspired, he becomes disinterested, "I need to constantly be exposed to different formats in music. Otherwise I'd become stale in what I do." 

While music is mutating and evolving, it is also going back to basics. Some of what you hear now out at a club sounds like music that came with the rise of early-'90s house. He calls it, "groovy, dancey, housey." In this scene, he first honed his craft. Soon after, he became "smitten" by jungle and drum and bass. "It's good to see it gotten so popular," he says of these genres, "before it was a very abstract kind of music." He admires mostly the production quality of drum and bass. "It's produced so well, it takes so much work to make those tracks. I've always looked at that as something I'd like to reach." 

This album Night and Day is meant to "represent dance music in its entirety." So, it'll likely have something for everyone. The different genres will seamlessly transition throughout, and day will become night just as it does is in nature. It demonstrates his skills as a DJ. It's a compilation with mashups and live mixing. 

Though he's native to Iran, he's never performed there, which makes sense considering the state of the Iranian nation. It's not a place one goes to party. Though he's based out of the DC area, Sharam rarely finds himself there to perform, rather, he spends his days on the road, performing internationally. "In every city you go to, there's always something cool happening," he says. He does favor in some ways Winter Music Conference in Miami, which allows him to "see what everybody is up to," offering a variety of venues and sounds. It's a great showcase for new music. Gryphon is one of his favorite nightclubs in the US, sincerely noting, "it has a great sound system, great clientele, great DJ booth, great promoters. I'm really excited to come back here." 

Sharam at Gryphon, 5707 Seminole Way, Davie, on May 27 at 11 p.m.

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