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Interview: REVMiami Launches Local Music Blogging Network

​Local South Florida music bloggers unite! Well, that's REVMiami's idea anyhow. Yesterday, the lovely logo we see above popped up on another South Florida music staple site, Made in Miami Music. The idea is simple: so many folks are toiling away covering their local scenes around the country without a larger community to promote and support the cause. As a provider of local music coverage, Crossfade co-signs 100 percent. (Totally going on our blogroll too!) We asked REVMiami's Ric Delgado a few questions about his new initiative, the Local Music Blogging Network. Read it after the jump.

How did you come up with the idea to form a blogging network?

I first saw "blogging" networks when I used to read political blogs on One guy had made a "badge" for Wordpress Political

Bloggers, and hundreds of people were voluntarily posting the badge on

their websites, which then gave a central location for people to find

other Wordpress Political Blogs. I think that the guy would even break

the blogs down by political affiliation, etc.

What are your goals with the Local Music Blogging Network?

In terms of the LMBN, one of my eventual goals with REVMiami is to

help bring national attention to the Miami music scene. A blogging

network, that is centered on REVMiami, is a great tool to bring together

people who are interested in local music, but since it's centered at

REVMiami, the local Miami music scene will get, by proxy, a lot of

attention from a group of people who are interested in local music. 

Also, it provides a centralized directory of local music blogs, so

people can get further connected, and connection means touring, and

merchandising, and expanding a market that already exists, but isn't

well connected.

Who else has gotten involved so far?

Currently I've gone back and forth with people in areas like North

Carolina and other Floridans, but I haven't had the time to help it grow

(which hopefully will be changing soon).  But, things like this have

their own natural pace of growth.  It's something that people see and

are naturally interested in, especially if they're bloggers, because

they want their writing to get more attention, so they voluntarily

participate and post the badge on their site.

Get more information about the Local Music Blogging Network right here.

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