Introducing Leah Kaire

image via Kaire is a local musician with a great back story who is doing cool shit. I met her over the weekend at a BBQ at Morningside Park where she was hanging out with my friend Matt. I e-mailed her some questions and here's what she had to...
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Leah Kaire is a local musician with a great back story who is doing cool shit. I met her over the weekend at a BBQ at Morningside Park where she was hanging out with my friend Matt. I e-mailed her some questions and here's what she had to say.

"Okay cool...My name is LEAH KAIRE otherwise known as L Bull...born in Caracas, Venezuela, brought up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil moved to Tokyo, Japan at age 11. Four years later moved to Hong Kong...then back and forth from the US and Europe. I spent a year at an emotional growth academy at age 16 because from age 14 was spending more of my time singing in clubs than studying for my classes that was a"

(Follow the jump for the rest of Kaire's story in her own words.)

"Graduated High School from College du Leman in Geneva, Switzerland then

went off to London College of Fashion for design

dream was to go to Broadway or study music or theatre. I didn't realize

that I had to audition a year in advance so I took the next best thing

FASHION. The next year I got a degree in jazz vocals and took some acting

courses....along with singing all over London it was a blast...

I moved to MIA the night b4 911...woke up scared shitless so that

was the end of London for a minute. Got involved quickly with the

music and club scene...used to sing live over DJ JP Rigaud at Nikkis

back in the day when it was Tommy Poochs' joint.  Soon after met a

funky cat with a fro named Tony mostly known as on the

mike with him playing keys and we bonded instantly...Once he told me he

had practice up by me so he picked me up and it happened to be the

Marleys, that's how that day I met Richie Marley and Bagga...

Bagga was the

musical director...that family includin Mother Booker, god bless her,

took me in like their own...they are an awsome soulful strong family

that have gone thru a lot. Pearl, Bob's sister, is a flower full of

talent which I look forward to working with in the future.  I met

Cargo and Rally, Rally...two of the tracks are on my album...I gotta say

the music that flows from that house is blessed by the gifted Bagga

Tracks thats a hard core mofo....

I am independent like the U S of A...and since that independence my life is movin faster than ever...

Session work is like takin on a character of a get into it,

once you feel it you become it, and the right sound comes out into each

individual song and style...I've worked from doing house tracks, dubbing voices for commercials, to doing backing vocals for Mother B and Richie Marley and working with

hooks for rappers and reggaeton artists...along with many different's good to be versityle in this biz...

Performing live...that's been all me since day one first

present was a fisher price microphone and recorder...i've been in

theatre since age two...singing in jazz and reggae bands since age 14

and singing over house music DJ's since I was in my teens too...My first

record to hit the radio was in London when I worked with DJ Ray Keith

from the drum n bass scene...track called "There's Somethin Out there"

check it out...Sang with Bernard Perty in London jammed to the

blues...had a band with Julious Boones...worked with Suenalo...the

Marleys...Jose Elias...many well known DJs' and a bunch of talented

people world wide...the beautiful thing about music is that we are doesn't discriminate...

People can hear some my tracks from soon it will be on I tunes and cd baby....

I'm working two music videos from my BUTTERFLY album...I'm also working on some top secret stuff

One things for sure with focus and persistance all things are

possilbe...Shout out to Mom and Dad, the Bull Brothers...all the people

I mentioned above...Ish Whatever, Lucky Larry, DL, DQ, Peaches and the

rest of the city ya'll taught me to be stronger and to go for my dreams

for Tatoo for singing me that song to find my way back home you know

what I'm talking about, Ace to Felix and Micheal the true players on my

team and everybody thats got true genuine care for me man I love

ya'll....Keep your head up don't give up believe in yourself always

give thanks to the most high....I love you god...and thank you Jacob

for giving me this opportunity...God Bless...One Love...

Peace and Love, Leah Kaire"

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