Introducing Midnight Moroders, featuring Danny Daze and Induce

Danny Daze
Miami's own Danny Daze and Induce are now part of the Midnight Moroders, a loose-knit group of music lovers.  Induce, also of Casual Sax, is a brightly colored lad, known to also DJ in short pants and a hat, playing from his hip-hop roots to more current and eclectic underground dance favorites.  Daze is a hometown dance/techno/house boy made good.  Their mission is to bring you mixes of Italo Disco, i.e. space-y, electronic Euro-dance music from the 1970s and 1980s. 

Their first all-vinyl mix, Disco For Abruzzo Vol. 1, is now out and available for free download at the link below. Check it out, this! 


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