Invisible Music Gets Seen This Weekend at Speakeasy Lounge

It takes eight people to create Invisible Music. Wait, isn't all music invisible? Maybe not. We haven't the time right now to contemplate this complex matter, but we will say that this Lake Worth band is big and visible. 

Guitarist and singer John Ralston says of his group, "it's a different entity in itself. It's pretty layered sound... Even though there's that much going on, the

bass guitar is important. Everything revolves around the bass." He's been playing with bassist Dan Bonebrake for the past 15 years. They also use strings, bells, keyboards, and slide guitar. 

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The band is sort of like a supergroup. It includes musicians from Blackfinger and Legends of Rodeo. The others have either toured of played with Ralston over the years.

The band just sent their self-titled debut album to be pressed this week. They're producing 300 copies. "Started it about a year a go in Greg Lovell's house. And we just finished getting everything together with the artwork a week ago. It was all recorded live," Ralston relates. It took them a minute to make because it was hard to get all eight of them together in one place at one time. The cover art was created by sometimes New Times photographer and writer Monica McGivern and the layout was done by Anna Powell. 

Invisible Music writes all of their music together. "It's a really collaborative band, for sure." He says of the music, "everything takes on a new life." Ralston notes it has a strong rhythm section, a soul vibe, and a country flair. "It's a good time and it's fun to play." What more could you ask for? 

They'll be playing at the Speakeasy Lounge (129 North Federal Highway, Lake Worth) on Saturday, March 10, with North Atlantic Space Company and ADNA with DJs Sloan and Swede. Doors open at 8 p.m., it's an eighteen and over show, and no smoking. Tickets cost $8. Their next show after this one will celebrate the album's release. 

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