iPad and Sleigh Bells Made Wizard Sleeve and Brian Breach's "OK So I'm Cool" Possible

Although they're not donning any magical robes or silvery floor-length beards, Wizard Sleeve still got the props in "OK So I'm Cool."  From the signature dookie gold Zelda chain and size 40 Puma shoe to a creepy ventriloquist dummy and a bad-ass New Kids on the Block shower curtain, it's the accessories that give this video its charm. Also getting a lot of shine in the video is Apple's iPad. Each rapper scrolls through a slide show of Google Images corresponding to their respective verses on the pad, and it makes for a cool effect.

The track itself finds original pranksters Lex One and Mike Beatz along with G.T.P.S. member Brian Breach (formerly Cynic) getting cool over the first ten seconds of Sleigh Bells' "Infinity Guitars." Although one might criticize that the four-bar loop of arena guitar and stadium stomp/claps remains virtually unchanged from the original, good producers know that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  

So in conclusion: Sleigh Bells sample, NKOTB shower curtain, Patrón in the cereal? OK, so these guys are cool!

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