Iranian Nuclear Facility Attacked by AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"; An Alternative Hacker Soundtrack

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5. Power Trip - "Armageddon Blues"
Both band name and song title work really well to highlight the impending World War III Iranian politicians have been planning, deep in the bowels of whatever unholy bunker they reside.

The scream that opens this song is enough to wake any nuclear scientist out of a sound sleep. This band is also apt to blow-up big time (pun intended) over the next few months, as they've become a standard bearer of the new era of thrash-crossover bands.

4. Discharge - "Doomsday"
Yes, we know that Discharge has a song with the word "nuclear" in its title, but this is definitely a better track. And if that guitar solo doesn't wig you out in the middle of the Iranian night, nothing will.

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David Von Bader