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Is Beyoncé Pregnant This Time? Twitter's Response Mixed

The new issue of US Weekly seems to think so. According to an anonymous source, Beyoncé Knowles and husband Jay-Z are expecting their first child. She is reportedly in her first trimester. Look to the right of Reese Witherspoon's "newly engaged" chin, in the middle, got it? "Her Surprise Pregnancy" was a big surprise to everyone -- "B was shocked," says a source! -- except for a media-consuming public that is used to routine pop-star baby predictions that often get debunked a couple of days after the star gets a chance to soak up some free publicity.

If this sounds superfamiliar, the last time these sorts of claims were circulating was way, way back in March of this year. At that point, " just learned from a ROCK SOLID source that legendary

singer Beyoncé and her hip-hop mogul husband Jay Z are expecting their

first child together." Let's hope the source is platinum solid or titanium solid this time.

So far, the opportunist domain has nothing on the story, nor is there anything more than some undated quotes from record exec Kevin Liles and Bey's sis saying  "She'll be a great mom."

Whether it's rumor or "truemor," expect a load of conjecture on the Twitter. A smattering of the discussion topics with entirely unuseful commentary this morning:

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