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Is Fernando Perdomo's New Noise-Rock Band Crap?

Last Friday, County Grind jumped all over a particularly charged note posted by Forward Motion Records scion Fernando Perdomo. The gist: There's too much crappy noise rock being created locally, and the music press is drooling all over it (definitely scroll down and read the comments too). Since then, my colleague Sean Pajot in Miami and I have watched this turn into a fairly interesting conversation.

Pajot for his part is more used to the "social media addict" tendencies of Perdomo and his propensity for a rant from time to time. He admits, and I agree, that the passion ran a little too hot in this particular case. Of course, Perdomo has been nothing but apologetic ("growing up my favorite band in the world was King Crimson"), but he still doesn't like "silly lists or celebrity gossip or Fifty Songs About Drugs." The above quotes can be found in Pajot's engaging conversation with Perdomo posted here.

Now that the talking has happened, it's time for some action. As you can see below, if you can't beat the noise freaks, you might as well join 'em.

The Emperor's New Clothes/Black Head Band is "Fernando Perdomo, Vic Kingsley, Derek Cintron (and his patented Drum Hat) and Jorge Moreno joining in on the Noise!!" Screaming in Stereo might have been a better moniker, but whatever.

You might recognize some of these names as spirited commenters from the blog conversation over the weekend.

Accompanying "Feelings: Pt Four of the Thrillogy Trilogy" is the tag line: "If you know the story... You will understand my point!!!"

If the argument for making any sort of music is to enjoy oneself and to spread that bliss to others, it's clear that this is kinda working. So does that prove his point or no? Since these guys are actual musicians, even them goofing around and imitating a noise band isn't that bad. Lightning Bolt, this is not. There are much crappier bands out there, although this output so far seems to lack the conviction of the truly visceral acts that noise fans enjoy.

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