Is It Wrong to Enjoy Drake's "Take Care"?

Editor's Note: Is It Wrong is a therapeutic column examining feelings we have about music that just aren't quite right. To ease any discomfort, County Grind will explore these emotions and thoughts, breaking down from whence our feelings of guilt, disgust, and shame arise.

I was wildly messing with the radio dial in my car when I heard a familiar sound. Was the xx on Power 96? How? Wha? No, it was Drake. Wait, and then Rihanna? For a second, I thought wow, did this just happen? Did Drake sample the xx? Like on his own?

At home, I read that the song was produced by Jamie xx, I thought cruelly, That guy'll work with anyone. I huffed and puffed. Ew, I mean, Drake? And Rihanna? And then it happened. 

I drove home the next day, and guess what? I heard it again. And then I heard it again. And now I like it. And this makes me feel icky.

To ease the self-loathing, we'll look at the progression of the sounds sampled in this song. Jamie xx and Gil Scott-Heron's collab of "I'll Take Care of You" was remixed to create "Take Care." And Gil Scott-Heron was and is awesome! But does that justify enjoying the Drake version? It doesn't. 

And then there's the fact that it reminds one of an xx song, which, let's face it, owned the last few months of my ears in 2009. Is it that anything that sounds like the xx is gonna always give us the happies?

Oh, wait. Nope. Rihanna's "Drunk on Love" is basically "Intro," and it still blows. 

Drake may have the biggest vagina in the hip-hop world, but these lyrics are a little heavy; they have weight. And the song is catchy. Listening to it outside of the closed space of my car, that may never happen, but behind the wheel, I will be feeling Drake on the real.

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