J-O imbibing in the very thing he's rhyming about.
J-O imbibing in the very thing he's rhyming about.

J-O's "My Smoke Song" Video Should Make Him Easier to Google

Plantation-bred J-O, AKA Jonathan Olivert, has a hip-hop name that makes sense -- it's his initials. Right now, though, a certain popular fabric retailer's site is up top of the search results. This guy hasn't even reached his 20th birthday, according to his Facebook page, so he's got some time to build up a SEO strategy.

From the start of the beachy jazz sample serving as the "My Smoke Song" beat (attributed to Edgar Esteves and Ivan Berrios), this is warm-weather music following the weed-friendly lineage of the Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief up through Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa. If anyone can aid our not-particularly-native eyes, which fishing pier is in the background of the beach scenes? Watch below.

Thanks to 954 Hip-Hop for the heads-up.


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