Jack White's 37th Birthday Honored With a Few Good White Stripes Videos

Let's be honest here because we can.

We can because we are not bitter exes who've made fuck-fuck on each other with others and because within these digital pages, we truly care about feelings and frail psyches. Honestly, who here did not think way back in 1999 when the self-titled, debut album by the White Stripes that Jack White was some snot-nosed pretender of all things punk?

Well, I for one did. I certainly thought this kid was playing the Detroit card (read: Stooges, MC5, Death, etc...) a little too hard.

But, as most of my exes, who don't live in Texas, will tell you, I'm usually wrong about a lot of things. While I might not entirely be super privy to The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, I am a pretty big White Stripes fan. No kidding, no hiding, no lying. I love 'em so much I've got most of their catalogue on both CD and LP.

But White's story starts a pair of years before mine. Born Jack Gillis on July 9, 1975, this "formerly assumed of as a snot-nosed pretender of all things punk" took the "garage rock revival" by storm as a multi-instrumentalist and a real connoisseur of fine music.

It is too late in the game to get into the "so 1999" argument of his relationship to Meg, so we'll deal with White getting his start in the music biz drumming for Michigan outfit Goober & the Peas while apprenticing as an upholsterer following the contemplation of joining a Catholic seminary.

Jesus' loss was our beloved devil's win, because you can only take in so much punk and blues in order to smack it out in the delightfully minimalist and inconspicuous manner that the Stripes did over their fifteen year career, which lasted from 1997 to 2011.

Call me biased all you want, and write your snarky little comments below. Trust me when I tell you, good pals we are, that damns will not be given on my end. But we here at the Grind chose to celebrate his birthday with some of our favorite White Stripes tunes, that also happen to have pretty cool videos.

"Fell In Love With a Girl"

We love fuzz, we love Legos, we love stop-motion, we love this song.

"Seven Nation Army"

One of the best things ever was that "ask Yahoo" meme where somebody described this song as the "dumm dum dum dum dum dum dumm dum" song. And everyone knew what she was talking about.

"Icky Thump"

Throw a cowboy hat on and some Spanish subtitles and we all win.

"The Denial Twist"

Michel Gondry, Conan O'Brien, and a weeklong residency on his show... Go ahead and try to deny this.


Jack thinks he's Dolly Parton and it somehow works. From their great music feature,

Under Blackpool Lights


"I Just Don't Know What to do with Myself"

Maybe he doesn't, maybe Sofia Coppola doesn't either, but I've got a pretty good idea of what to do with Kate Moss.

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