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Jacki-O: Rapper, Label Head, and now... Author?

Miami native and one-time TVT Recording artist Jacki-O had a tough last few years. She garnered some national attention with her 2003 single "Nookie," and "All Grown Up" became the official ring entry music for Stephanie McMahon in the WWE. But a couple years after that, things took a nosedive -- she filed for bankruptcy, and was later caught shoplifting in West Palm Beach (she pleaded no contest and got probation).

Still, things might be looking up. After leaving TVT in 2004, she formed her own label, Jackmove Entertainment, and word is she's got a spot on Trina's upcoming record.

But here's the big news... Now she's an author! Looks like she's written a book called Grown and Gangsta, a piece of urban fiction that seems, possibly, to be set in New York, by early descriptions. It's being put out by TRU Publishing, a new venture run by C-Murder. (He's out of prison, but still on house arrest, stemming from various, uh, murder-related charges, although he is allowed to work on his music career on a "per-request" basis).

The book comes out February 15, but you can preorder at Amazon.com. After the jump, read the press release. -- Arielle Castillo


TRU is pleased to announced that the first release of their publishing entity is GROWN & GANGSTA by Miami, Florida rapper Jacki-O.

All the laughs, all the loves, all the drama! From Jacki-O comes the story of six friends. Monique, Tatiana, Inch, Malcolm, Quentin and Iz are always there for each other.

Inch is known in the streets for his gun play. He is as flossy as he is grimey. Short in stature but a giant by reputation, will his grimey ways come back to haunt him...

Malcolm is a chameleon of sorts. He slips easily between Wall Street and the streets. Can he have the best of both worlds...

Monique is on the fast track to success as the A & R Rep for Harlem World Records. She has the job, the house, the car and a beautiful son, but the system has her man. Will Monique choose her man or her career...

Iz understood the rules of the game going in, so he took his 15-year bid on the chin and is handling his. Iz is down, but is he out...

Quentin is a restaurant owner recovering from a dead-end marriage. His ex-wife has his back against the wall as she threatens to expose his real "business." How long will Quentin allow her to use this as leverage...

Settle in with these friends. Share in their joys, pains, loves and losses, as they keep it GROWN & GANGSTA

GROWN & GANGSTA officially hits bookstores Friday, February 15, 2008, but you can beat the rush and get your copy NOW through Amazon.com or http://www.trupublishing.com

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