Jacob Jeffries' Christmas Wish List and South Florida Tour Dates

We featured the Jacob Jeffries Band on the cover of New Times Broward Palm Beach earlier this year. They were all cute, looking like Queen. Remember? 

Well, our hometown boy and his band are planning a few post-Christmas in-town shows this holiday season. We're thinking their fun folk-pop sound will be the perfect antidote for your family- and booze-induced hangover. 

This'll also give you just the right opportunity to present the singer/songwriter with gifts off of his holiday wish list, which he shared with us here. Make sure to be generous, we want this guy to keep singing and songwriting. 
Local Tour Dates
12.27 - Hollywood at Big Easy Bar and Grille 
12.28 - Boca Raton at the Funky Buddha 
12.29 - Sunny Isles at Kitchen 305
12.31 - Seaside at Seaside Amphitheater with Tony Lucca

Christmas Wishlist
10. "First and foremost," Jeffries notes, "a new iPhone. I left mine in a gypsy cab somewhere in Harlem last night. I'll take a new Macbook while you're at it, Santa." When he says "Santa," he means you...

9. "I'd like an electric razor and beard trimmer. Although my beard is keeping me warm during this NYC winter, my mom hates when I don't shave." 

8. "A new record player and speaker system would be nice." Jeffries says, "I'm in Brooklyn a lot, in Brooklyn we only listen to records." Well, la-di-da.  

7. "How about an annual pass to Disney World?" He asks. "I'd like to give Space Mountain another try." Give the man what he wants!

6. "Nord Electro. Two, three, or four, not picky on this," the pianist requests.

5. "A year's supply of frozen fruit. Making smoothies has become an enriching part of my afternoons, and my life." Keep it healthy for Mr. Jeffries.

4. "Colorful jeans."

3. "Comfortable shoes. No leather." Pick him up some Toms or something. 

2. "A few condenser microphones," Jeffries says. Also, this video is pretty funny. Press play. 

1. "And a partridge in a pear tree... Actually just the pear tree will do. Yummy." A tree grows in Brooklyn!

Happy holidays! 

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