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Jacuzzi Boys Audio Tour of Record Collection Favorites for Record Store Day 2013

The Jacuzzi Boys have been making a ruckus with their unhinged, grime-coated, psych-tinged, all Florida rock for years now. But when the trio of fun-seeking rocker guys aren't recording, touring abroad, or playing out around town, you can usually find them spinning records at some of our favorite local spots.

This past summer, the Jacuzzis had a successful stint playing and promoting a Saturday night dance party, Tusk, at the Garrett, upstairs in Miami's Grand Central. More recently, they've enjoyed spinning their favorite songs late into the night at one of Wynwood's newest haunts, Gramps Bar.

Though the three are decidedly Miami, Fort Lauderdale has them all April 20th when they'll be DJing at Radio-Active's Record Store Day 2013 and playing the RSD2013 after-party at Revolution Live's and Subculture's Block x Blog music festival. To give us an idea of what records the Jacuzzis like to throw on the ones and twos, bassist Danny Gonzalez took us on a video-guided tour of his personal collection of vinyl, covering all the essentials from best make-out song to the best record to cry to.

New Times: First record you ever purchased.
Danny: I think the first record I ever purchased was the Load "Sleestack" 45 at one of their shows. At the time I didn't know the difference between 33 or 45 rpm and I mistakingly played it at 33! It sounded so slow and crazy, but I convinced myself it was cool anyway. Once I figured out it was supposed to be played at 45, I really flipped out!

Most embarrassing record in your collection.
Well, I think we live in a time where anything and everything goes... Like you can play a Katy Perry record, followed by Slayer, and then some 2 Live Crew and the same people would keep on dancing or whatever. The idea of having a "guilty pleasure" is kinda non-existant at this point. Having said that, I think some records sound best while listening alone, but it has nothing to do with being embarrassed, I just don't want to listen to, say, Antony and the Johnson's with my boys really. It's damn good though.

Best make-out song.
Depends what kinda "make-out" you're talking about, but if it's a sweet moment, I'd go with something a little longer than you're average pop song... Perhaps "Will to Love" by Neil Young.. I'd be totally OK with that. 

Most prized record in your collection.
Kinda hard to decide, but I'm pretty partial to my Load records. They're important.

Most valuable.
Although I have a decent amount of records, I don't really consider myself a collector. I'm not so interested in orignal pressing and stuff like that. I'm totally happy with nice re-issues! As far as records that are worth something, I have an old Lyrics Born record on Solesides that has a misprint on the spine that was worth some money a while back, but I don't think people care about that anymore. And the most I've paid for a record is probably like $40 for an OG pressing of the first Porno for Pyros LP. Only 'cause they've never re-issued it, and I had wanted it forever! Ha.

Best beach song.
I think Bananarama said it best.

Best song to be sad to. 
Well, depends what you're sad about, but this song was kinda perfect one night.

Best song for booty-shaking.
Gotta give it up to our hometown hero.

Best bedroom listening.
This has been on repeat in mine recently.

Best dollar bin find.
I don't think it was $1, but I found the LP version of Bob Dylan's Biograph in a thrift store a couple years back. I was super stoked and my friend I had tagged along with was not.

Song/album you aspire to.
There's nothing I don't like about this.

Record Store Day 2013. Radio-Active Records. 9 a.m., at 845 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Record Store Day exclusives will be offered, as will massive giveaways that include free coffee and free beer. Visit radio-active-records.com, or call Radio-Active at 954-762-9488.

Jacuzzi Boys will play Block x Blog. With Holy Ghost! Krisp, Lil Daggers, Millionyoung, Ex Norwegian, the Gun Hoes, and others. 8 p.m. Saturday, April 20, at Revolution Live complex, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Visit subcultureus.com. Purchase tickets at jointherevolution.net.

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