Jacuzzi Boys: "Christiane's Tune (Don't Go)" Exclusive Stream

Miami's Jacuzzi Boys had a pretty lively November. Something something singing vaginas in their music video for "Glazin'" something something. Oh, and we interviewed them.

Now it's time for getting back to normal. And that's still good for the prolific Boys and their many friendships with folks far and wide. One particular buddy system that makes a ton of sense is with Turbo Time Records -- run by Turbo Fruits' frontman Jonas Stein. The Fruits (also the name of a badass Jacuzzi Boys song) and our local garage rockers were both on the inaugural Bruise Cruise earlier this year, and everything went peachy.

So much so, in fact, that the bands are sharing sides of the same blue seven-inch record! It's part of the label's new "Double B-Side Series" and is limited to 200 copies. And we have an exclusive stream of the Jacuzzi Boys' contribution, "Christiane's Tune (Don't Go)."

According to bassist Danny Gonzalez, this tune predates the Glazin' sessions and was recorded in October 2010. Unsurprisingly, it's a giddy middle ground between the sparkle of the new album and the rawness of No Seasons. Christiane is still gonna have to think twice about walking out that door when she hears singer Gabriel Alcala sweet-talking her back with every step.

Jacuzzi Boys - Christiane's Tune (Don't Go) by countygrind

Get your copy here.

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