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Jacuzzi Boys' Danny Gonzalez' Songs on Heavy Rotation

Ever get into a musical funk? You look at your iPod and you think: If I have to hear any of this music again, I will feed myself to alligators or that naked man on the MacArthur Causeway. It's hard sometimes to admit that you need help finding music that breathes new life into your electronic listening device or record collection. We, along with the Jacuzzi Boys' bassist Danny Gonzalez, are here to help. 

You may sometimes find Gonzalez quietly spinning songs at coffee shop-bar Lester's in Miami alongside Needless Records' Adam Gersten for their night Radio City. Once, when describing the kind of music they play to a friendly arts editor, she cried incredulously, "Steely Dan!" We were like, "Yes, Steely Dan." 

We asked Gonzalez to list out what he's listening to at home, or in his car, or on his bike, or at the beach, and though the following tunes don't include Steely Dan, there are some songs that might've raised that arts editor's eyebrow a bit higher. However, they make this geeky gal music editor say, "Yes, please. More Eagles!"  

We're just weeks away from watching the Jacuzzis play County Grind Live with Lil Daggers and The Gun Hoes. What follows mostly sounds nothing like what they'll be playing onstage at Green Room on June 16, but it will definitely add a little color to the pale cheeks of your music collection. 

1. The Smiths "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" from Louder Than Bombs
"On our recent European tour, while driving from Switzerland to Italy, this song just really came to life for me." Gonzalez says of their adventures overseas. "I'd heard it plenty of times before, but something just clicked right then and there, and it was just the best sound imaginable." 

2. Spiritualized "Little Girl" from Sweet Heart Sweet Light
"This is just so heavy, and it has one of the best Chorus' I've heard in a while... So huge," notes Gonzalez.

3. King Tuff "Bad Thing" from King Tuff
More car tunes from Gonzalez, "I think the new record is great, and while this might not be my favorite on there, it was the single so it kinda got me all psyched for it and it's a super fun song to drive to!" 

4. The Stone Roses "This Is The One" from The Stone Roses
"Another European tour staple," exclaims Gonzalez, "This shit is so epic, it makes me a little crazy. Our driver and I had countless full blown sing-alongs to this and it felt as exciting each time. This whole record is one mega sing-along though."

5. Stevie Wonder "Boogie on a Reggae Woman" from Fulfillingness' First Finale
"I hadn't heard this song in ages," He says of this classic, "but I was watching the most recent 24/7 with Mayweather, and there was a scene where his whole crew throws a party for him and this song is playing while they all dance and joke around and it brought such a smile to my face. Once the episode was done I went, fished out the LP and played this song four or five times back to back."

6. White Fence "Lizards First" from Family Perfume Vol. 2  --- (Not actual song above)
"All the songs kinda blend into one another on the this record, but this came on while I was typing so I just decided to go with it. Super cool Syd Barrett vibes. The whole record rules though!" 

7. Elvis Costello "Everyday I Write The Book" from Punch The Clock
"I recently got this 12" single and it just sounds great. It's not really the kinda thing that comes to mind when I think of Elvis Costello," Gonzalez admits, "but it's a nice one." 

8. Devon Williams "Fragile Weapon" from Carefree
"The guys from Burger Records gave me this tape a while back," He says of the California based label, "but I just recently got around to listening to it. It's great through and through, but I just chose this track for whatever reason... The whole album has been a shower staple for a few weeks now."

9. Culture Club "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" from Kissing To Be Clever
"This song works great in the sunshine and on some nighttime party vibes as well. It's just a ton of fun! I also wish I could steal this title." Too bad Boy George got there first, Danny. 

10. The Eagles "I Can't Tell You Why" from The Long Run
"Some people might find this 'cheesy,' but I don't have time for that." Gonzalez says of this Lebowski unapproved track, "Crack the sun roof, catch a tan, and turn it up!" 

Don't forget to RSVP to County Grind Live at Green Room on Facebook. It takes place on June 16 at 109 Southwest Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. It's $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

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