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Jacuzzi Boys' "Glazin'": Doughnuts Get Glazed in Newest Fan Video

​Jacuzzi Boys' "Glazin'" is still the song of the hour. The original orificial unofficial video made by superfans called the Jacuzzi Gals went viral, offline, back online, offline, and back online -- in a censored but still-unsuitable-for-work format -- and then to a permanent NSFW home here in less than ten days. This is the 21st-century equivalent of topping the charts, or at least being the most requested video on The Box. In an inspired move, a group of Jacuzzi Boys and Jacuzzi Gals fans known singularly as Joey Nutts has made their ode to the Boys and Gals.

"Glazin'" is one of the most infectious pop-rock jams we've heard in years. In the original video, it's hard to focus on the glorious vocal melody and vacuum-sealed power-popping when there's a bunch of vaginas lip-synching to it. But this Joey Nutts character has made it even harder to focus on the pop magic with his "money shots!"

Would this just be a bunch of penises somehow mouthing the words in this video? We weren't sure what we were looking at in the opening scene. A scrotum with little cardboard lips attached to it? Upon closer inspection, we realized those balled-up things in the video are doughnuts. 

The cute little doughnuts dressed up as Gabriel, Danny, and Diego are hanging out and having a real cool time singing and relaxing on a silver platter with their fruit friends. 

This video seemed totally suitable for work, for almost a minute -- until the "glazing" begins at :047.


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