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Jacuzzi Boys on Their Upcoming European Tour, Haggis, Daytrotter, and Xanax

The Jacuzzi Boys are so everywhere. Their Daytrotter session went live and likely exposed a slew of internet music nerds to their CrazySexyCool rock 'n' roll. It's quite an honor to be added to this streaming library of live recordings made by mostly emerging indie bands. 

They're so everywhere that they're even going around the globe. The Jacuzzis announced their upcoming 26-city European tour, kicking off this March. Though they won't perform on the high-seas music blowout the Bruise Cruise this year, they will play the preparty at the Stage. 

We hit up the South Florida trio and snagged answers from singer Gabriel

Alcala and bassist Danny Gonzalez on their fears (flying), how they'll

handle the stress of the tour (sleep), and what they'll be bringing

County Grind as a Euro souvenir.

New Times: Is this any of your first times in Europe? If so, which cities are you most psyched about and why? 

Gabriel: This is my first time. It's also Diego's first, as well. Danny has gone overseas a few times... Two virgins and a slut.

Danny: Yeah, I've traveled to Europe a couple of times, and a few years ago, I lived in Glasgow for a short period of time... Really excited to visit that city again; it's a cool town!

Twenty-six cities is a lot of cities. What do you think will be your best defense against illness and exhaustion? 

Gabriel: Just go for it, mind over matter. I think my excitement will trump any strain of bacteria or lack of sleep!  

Danny: I think we'll be sleeping in proper beds most of the time... That makes a world of a difference.

Are you touring with anyone over there? 

Gabriel: By ourselves. We might play a couple of shows with some bands we're friends with, but we'll be doing the tour on our own. 

Once you return, do you think that you can then verify that Florida has the the cutest girls in the Western world? 

Gabriel: You mean Miami. Yeah, we'll report back... Although I think Miami will still take the cake. 

Danny: I don't know, Italy is pretty talented.

What is your biggest fear about this tour? Like what's the worst thing that could happen?

Gabriel: For some reason, as we've gotten older, our fear of flying has gotten worse. We hate flying. It's not natural. You're basically in a huge metal building, 30,000 feet up in the sky. On top of that, we have to go over the Atlantic Ocean for like ten hours or something. I'm getting sweaty palms just thinking about it. So yeah, the worst thing that can happen? Yikes.

Danny: Xanax, Xanax, Xanax.

Amen. The only way to fly. How'd you get on Daytrotter? Did you have to go to Illinois to record? What was the experience like? 

Gabriel: We did it while on tour. We were supposed to do it a while back, I think, but it never worked out due to scheduling and stuff, but it was fun. Really quick, in and out.

Are you going on the Bruise Cruise again? Are all three of you going so that the media doesn't get Diego Monasterios (JBs drummer) and Colin Smith (Psychic Mirrors) confused again?

Gabriel: Ha ha. Danny is gonna go this year. I highly recommend going to everyone! It's an incredibly surreal experience!  

Danny: Yea, we're not playing on the boat this year, only doing the kickoff show, but I'll be cruising just for fun! Catch me on the Lido Deck. 

Will you be bringing County Grind a souvenir from across the pond? If you did, what would it be? 

Gabriel: A baguette.

Danny: ...and some haggis.

Listen to the Jacuzzi Boys on Daytrotter and watch them before they head over the Atlantic on February 9 at the Bruise Cruise preshow at the Stage (170 NE 38th St., Miami). Doors open at 7 p.m. 

Jacuzzi Boys - Island Avenue + Black Sand from Dale.Dale.Dale on Vimeo.

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