Jacuzzi Boys Pop Up on Pitchfork

Indie rock taste-makers/breakers Pitchfork Media threw some love to Miami's tropical-death-metal-slash-swamp-rock threesome the Jacuzzi Boys this morning. In a review of their (comparatively) mellow anti-ballad "The Countess", Amy Granzin threw up some fairly gushy praise by Pitchfork standards: "A bass drum drives the song straight and steady, but heavy reverb makes

the beats sound like they're volleying off damp dungeon walls at

unpredictable angles, a sultry and sinister atmosphere enhanced by

ghostly surf guitar lines. Jacuzzi Boys do the grimy, gutter-sniping

psychedelic-garage thing really well."

Read the rest of the review here and keep your eyes out for the boys' full-length album, which they just finished recording in Atlanta.


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