Glazin', Meet Guitar God">

Jacuzzi Boys Post "Cool Vapors" From Glazin', Meet Guitar God

As South Florida dashboards become blister centers of heat and doom, it's apparent that the Jacuzzi Boys' "Cool Vapors" couldn't have come soon enough. The first MP3 to emerge from the trio's Hardly Art debut, Glazin', is a riotous bit of fun. This song is keyed in perfectly to the stifling temperatures turning you into a rotisserie chicken ever so gradually -- and it hauls ass in a live setting.

So as Gabriel Alcala makes pleas for you to cool him down over uptempo surf guitar licks, likely there's a few in the bunch out there who can relate. Sweat's glazin' off our fingertips as we type.

Just like the rest of the collection, this track displays a new sheen

that Alcala admits "kinda has a 'glam' production." This

is a good idea because your '88 Pontiac Fiero's new speaker system

hasn't been properly tested for a while. Cut loose!

Regarding the Yngwie Malmsteen pic, we'll give you more information as it becomes available.

Cop the "Cool Vapors" MP3 over at Pitchfork. Glazin' will be out on August 20.

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