Jacuzzi Boys Song Is in Seth Rogen's 50/50

Our Key Biscayne neighbors Jacuzzi Boys have gone Hollywood, baby. Their upbeat swinger "Bricks or Coconuts" will be featured in Seth Rogen's comedic-drama 50/50. We gotta say, we are super proud of the JBs. Great songs can really propel a movie. Think of Yelo's "Oh Yeah" in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, that Shins song that was going to change your life in Garden State, or the entire Judgement Night soundtrack.

Details are scarce at this point, but we do know that Jacuzzi Boys will be sharing screen time with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Radiohead and MGMT. We spoke to Jacuzzi bassist Danny Gonzalez while the band was getting ready to give Tulsa, Oklahoma some Everglades love. The movie comes out when they're in California, they plan on catching a matinee of the film in their off time. In regards to hearing his groovy bassline in Dolby Digital, Gonzalez says, "It'll be a trip!"

Listen to "Bricks or Coconuts" and catch the trailer for 50/50 below.

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