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Jake Miller Lends Rap to Weston's Stop Burgers

Stop Burgers, a Weston-based emporium for beef patties, enlisted rapper and our recent interview subject Jake Miller to create a jingle for their 2012 advertising and marketing campaign with local high schools, radio and television. 

As a result of their partnership, Miller, a Weston resident, was given

the opportunity to create a burger himself to be named after him. And that's how the Jake Miller Burger came to be. It's an eight-ounce sirloin burger topped with

American cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup and applewood

smoked bacon in between a kaiser bun and will be join other burgers

named after local celebrities such as Dan Marino and Jason Taylor.

James McDonnell, owner of Stop Burgers, was sold on Miller after the rapper came into the restaurant and rapped to him.

McDonnell said part of the concept of

the celebrity burger is to give money back to a charity, with Miller

choosing Make-A-Wish Foundation, a charity he says he's been following

since he went to a benefit as a child. About one dollar from each sale of a Jake Miller Burger goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation says McDonnell.

Of course, the foundation isn't the only one benefiting from the partnership. 


right now, I think we're selling 20 to 25 burgers of his burgers a day,"

says McDonnell. Oh yeah, and free food for life for Miller. 

Watch Miller's Stop Burgers spot below:

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