Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit's Van and Gear Stolen; Orlando Calling Slot Canceled

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit had to pull out of their Sunday gig as part of the Orlando Calling Festival after thieves stole their van and all of their equipment from a Dallas Holiday Inn Express. "Looks like we won't be playing at Orlando Calling at noon tomorrow," the band posted on Facebook on Saturday. "Sorry to the people who were gonna be watching us!"

Unsurprisingly, the Alabama band's Facebook page has been turned into an outpost for information on the robbery, outpouring of support from fans, and even some wry humor from Isbell. "I was really hoping I'd eventually get to set fire to that damn van myself," he noted.

The missing vehicle is a white 2006 Ford E-350 van, with Alabama plates, and it was pulling a black Wells Cargo single-axle trailer with a Texas plate. Plus, "There's an awesome sticker of a wolf on the side van window. Calexico air freshener and lovely hula gal on dash." Read the full details on the stolen gear below.

Here's another shot of the stolen vehicle.

From Facebook:

**PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!** Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit had their gear stolen yesterday in Dallas. Please be on the look out for a 2006 e350 white 15 passenger van hauling a Wells Cargo black single axle trailer. The truck has an Alabama tag and the trailer has a Texas tag. There's an awesome sticker of a wolf on the side van window. Calexico air freshener and lovely hula gal on dash. The driver's side of the Van has the window busted out (thanks to the theives.) There is a KING OF THE ROAD plate on the front bumper and derogatory writing in the dirt on the back window (the word hoochie is mentioned.)

Everyone please be on the lookout for any of their instruments in the pawn shops, Craigslist, Ebay, etc... There was a Duesenburg goldtop starplayer guitar, Baxendale Jumbo acoustic, Epiphone 12 string, ZVEX Box, POG, vintage (1970) Fender Precision Bass (sunburst, worn, copper pickguard) in a Gator ATA Road case, an old no-named 3/4 size upright bass (no name, but a lot of wear and a school inventory # stampled on the back,) a nord electro 2 keyboard w 73 keys, a small red Hoehner Hohnica accordian, a black Roland KC-550 keyboard, and a set of red-sparkle Gretsch drum-kit. The bass drum has art by Browan Lollar on it. Amps stolen: A Sommatone Roaring 40 combo, an Ampeg V4-BH (in a road case) an Ampeg 6x10 speaker cabinet, and Avalon U5 di/preamp (in road case.) Please help us spread the word."

According to Isbell, "‎85% of men in Dallas look just like Jeff Daniels." So perhaps it's going to be tough to find these jerks.

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