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Jay Leno to Replace Lewis Black Tomorrow Night

Lewis Black is that grumpy uncle we wish we had. We were really looking forward to complaining about Christmas and watching someone else vent all of their frustrations concerning the holidays and politics. We were planning on reciting I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas in unison when Lewis Black came on stage as a tribute. We even watch The Daily Show in the hopes of catching a cameo of "Back in Black." Well, if you're like us, you might want to change your game plan. Lewis Black's been replaced for Thursday night's show at the Hardrock.

Apparently Black has canceled the show and will not be rescheduling due to illness. But if you're still itching for some comedy, Jay Leno will be replacing him. Yes, that Jay Leno.

Wouldn't it be perfect if Jay Leno just read from Black's book? We'd like to keep our fingers crossed for that Christmas miracle. But we're betting he'll stick to his usual schtick, talk car collections, and maybe take us out for some jaywalking.

If you were hoping for negativity and deep, dark perspectives on current events, you probably won't find that here. We're thinking his bit will probably be more slanted toward celebrities, the year in review, pop culture, and everyday life. You might even get a little politics. Hey, we're on Team Coco anyway.

But if you purchased tickets for the Lewis Black performance, they'll remain valid for the Jay Leno show, or you can request a refund at the point of purchase. But we've got a hunch he won't be the heavy dose of bitter sarcasm you were hoping for.

Jay Leno, 8 p.m. Thursday, December 30. Tickets purchased for the Lewis Black performance will be honored. Tickets cost $44 to $104 plus fees via 800-745-3000 or ticketmaster.com.

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